Mission: Unlock the Time Portal

"Citizens of the universe...we have come to reclaim the pyramids...." 

In this exhibition, digitally collage images act as a visual mothership to transport the viewer through the duality of ancient sites that are simultaneously futuristic in their application. The images are conjured visual symbology syphoned from the fluid memory pool of Los Angeles native, artist Ronda Brown's DNA. Accessed via meditation and trance-art and displayed via the medium of digital collage, Ronda probes through the archives of urban culture...re-assembling, re-examining, and re-telling the true sanctified story of the current coming of age. All of the sites within the collages are actual exalted historical locations on Earth and beyond. These lush images will be displayed billboard size, accompanied with glorified Hip Hop lyrics blown up to massive sacred scroll proportions. Un-abashedly and controversially spiritual in nature, the exhibition shines a spot light on the powerful symbolism embedded in urban pop culture through imagery and music culture. The multi-platformed Time Portal is activated through music and imagery aimed to focus the importance of spiritual empowerment and re-memberence. Ronda Brown exemplifies today's sacred womb-man, investigating and reclaiming the sacred in urban/hip hop culture. Ronda declares to the viewer, "Charged Ancient Ones, Remember Your True Selves...Unlock The Time Portal."

"Do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong..." 
-Lollypop Man

Queen Eyeits @ the 44th Gate Way, 2015

Lenticular, Mixed Media Collage

Respect, Light, Love and Eternal Thanks to all the artist and locations that aid their light filled works to my cosmic collage.