Ancient Futurism:

The Star Nation Translation Series: is in which through her collaborations with the Star Nation by use of re-assembling official NASA, JPL or Hubble Space Photos she carefully translates the cosmic reflections and works to bring the unseen to the seen. 

This Ancient Future series is the past, present and the future. It is best explained in the newly (to modern man) grasped idea of a Space Time Continuum and the Existence of the 4th Dimension. The space in where the unseen can be seen. Today, many beings, events and places are showing us the signs of the existence of the 4th Dimension. The beings, the spaces and places that exist in this dimension are here from the Ancient (through) the Future. Just as the InDaGenIoUs in Ancient times such as the Dogan, Hopi, Anasazi and countless other Ancient Nations have spoke of the Star Nation Ancestry and their InnerActions, the Sacred commUnIcations continue! 

Eagle Nebula in Serpens

Cygnus Nebula

Eta Carinae

Fire Meditator Orion Star Constellation