People think that ice is unyielding, but if you’re precise, if you’re focused and calm, it can give your skates wings.

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Ronda Brown is a seasoned Ancient Futurist artist that has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York and London. Ronda Brown is multi-disciplinary artist whose sculptures, paintings, reliefs and collages bridge a gap between the urban future and the ancient. In addition to her Cosmic, Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae Roots, Brown’s global and unIversal travels through Europe, India, Asia, Caribbean, Canis Major, Pleiades, Polaris Minor, and the Andromeda Galaxy system have lent her a kaleidoscopic view. Ronda’s Art launches an urban Mystic Sensibility through the canon of authentic Hip Hop, spoken word and soul music morphed into multidimensional visual artworks.

Brown's work is celebrated for its sensual revelations of the sacred feminine and interconnected ancestral symbolism. Sustain-ably minded, Ronda's approach to her artistic practice, her home, and her family life, is constantly reverent of form, process and evolution. Powerfully ritualistic by nature, as cultivated in her own spiritual practice, her work represents a deep connection to culture, tradition and mysticism that honors her Star Nation, Native-American and Alkebulan Ancestry.

Beginning her education at historic Hampton University, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts at City University of New York. She is the recipient of several visual arts scholarships and awards including the Jabonsky Award for 3-dimensional work, the Marry T. Poppers Award for 3-dimensional work, and the Connor Award and scholarship in undergraduate and graduate school, to name a few.

Artist and Educator, Ronda Brown draws on her musical and Spiritual inspired past/present, to birth a series of images designed to inspire today’s youth. As a tenure Art Educator with Los Angeles Unified School District and veteran artist, Brown uses the genesis of the art form to impart invaluable lessons in culture, progress, and the true her/history to inspire limitless possibilities. As an Artist and Educator Ronda Brown is focused cultivating and positively impacting the youth.